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Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be. -Marcus Aurelius

Friday, March 17, 2006

Ostridge as Your Totem?

Now I had never met anyone with an actual ostridge as a personal guide. But there he was, proud as peas, voice reverberating up out of the sand in which he had buried his head, and flooding the pagan shop with his glee. I am not going to disparage anyone’s choice of political party today, but never let anyone tell you we are powerless. Never let it be said that self-sought disenfranchisement after centuries of struggle against kings and princes is the ticket to a good life. Everywhere the ostridge is seducing pagans away from a long and courageous history of civic involvement and governance.

Saying that we should eshew public life is akin to seeing a chalice of wine spill on the altar, and not getting towels to clean up because no one else is doing it (Democrats) and because it is someone else’s problem (Republicans). FEMA was rebuilt to excellence under a Democratic President, but fell victim to the war-mongering of a Republican Commander-in-Chief. Hurricanes off the Atlantic have increased in ferocity and number as global warming escalates. Citizens enamored of a perfect existence in an afterlife turn blind eyes to the welfare of their own people. The disaster of Katrina was forseen, yet all the oracles silenced. The ostridge sticks his head in the mud of a devastated city, sees it all go away and gives thanks. Do you heed the call of the ostridge?


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