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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Hebe Brews the Coffee

Now this is the first news for my little non-read blog and here I am a whole almost two months out of the loop. Just to not be a hypocrite I may have to soon have a little boycott Starbucks graphic for my boycott China. The just of it is that a Wiccan goes and has the near to join the unionizing movement for baristas and her boss pays her back with a little good old religious discrimination. She’d been wearing her pentagram for three years without comment, and suddenly she’s being bounced from work if she dares wear a symbol of her religion. Her other Christian co-workers can wear whatever they please. Although there was a touching incident where one of her Jewish co-workers put on her pentagram in solidarity and got bounced from work for the day as well.

People always surprise me when I get timid about how I think we should make sure the world’s a better place. And what better way than where Hebe’s worship is so strong, than the place where the cup of enlightenment is poured forth for gods and grads alike? So just to stretch out the whole 15 minutes of this thing, here’s the info needed to raise a ruckus. Call Starbucks District Manager Kim Vetrano NOW and demand that Suley be allowed to freely observe her religion while at work and that she be compensated for the work hours she missed:
Phone: (646) 256-9929E-Mail: kvetrano@starbucks.comFax: (917)591-8599 Stay Connected at


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