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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Future Injuries

Now everyday I go to work asling, and everyday everyone professes surprise that I'm still asling. When you say to people that your arm was crushed and your doctors are saying 3 to 6 months more, you can easily seperate out those who have suffered tramatic injury and those who have maybe once slammed a finger in a drawer. I would like just to be able to turn on the water to my kitchen sink with my left hand.

I've gained a fellow traveler on the road to recovery in the race horse Barbaro, whose continual recovery you can follow through his stables. Barbaro suffered a minor setback this week when his vet had to replace two of the screws in his leg and replace his cast twice. He has a minor sore on his other hind leg and a support shoe to prevent laminitis, a sometimes-fatal foot disease brought on by uneven weight distribution. My mother usually tries to cheer me up by pointing out that his situation's worse, but then of course, I don't have people all around the country sending me carrots and get-well cards. So that I can go on to my next career-having sex.

Amidst all the new and flavorful variety of pain meds, I did watch the Belmont Stakes, which was the third leg of the Triple Crown and ran back on June 10th. Again though, I didn't get my order picked straight. I chose Bluegrass Cat, Sunriver and Jazil but passed on Steppenwolfer. The wire went to Jazil, followed by Bluegrass Cat and Sunriver, with Steppenwolfer at least in the same slot as on my card. Poor Bluegrass Cat. At least I didn't place money on that. On the aside, this year's run saw each leg of the Triple Crown go to the #8 horse, and that 2 + 0 + 0 +6 = 8. And I was born on the 8th. of March. And the Ides of March saw a beloved favorite cut down.... Where am I going with this strange thought- I don't believe that numbers mean anything!!

Why do I care so much about a horse, besides the whole Epona thing and all? I suppose because a horse cannot complain, and that Barbaro's future depends entirely on his champions. And that as someone who eats and sleeps paycheck to paycheck, what I fear the most is being cast aside as too injured to work further.

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