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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Epona Runs the Ponies

Now there's this little part of America that I love so dearly called the Kentucky Derby. My life, my own life, has been so deeply a part of something that is less than an orgasm in the spans of time. And yet it makes me think of so many who will pretend perhaps to power or to thinking of how much one might pretend to know the future. In one moment, why are we not able to make ourselves kings in this "sport of kings" or simply go to the local liquor store counter and gain all the future of the world for a simple string of numbers. We might never get run off by the cops again.

What was my choice for the Win, Place and Show? Not enough to win a million dollars as promised on the banners for the Kentucky Derby website. I did not choose four of the horses, only the traditional three. Bluegrass Cat for running fast over cool dirt courses. Steppenwolfer for his ability to maneuver through traffic like my brother. Causiously, Barbaro (who took the Derby in 7) simply because he was not a placer against the other speed horses. And who won? Barabaro. Bluegrass Cat. Steppenwolfer. Epona pleased with the natchos and left over spirits from the 5th of May (namely the second pack of Coronas I had in the trunk, hee hee) felt the whole show was worship enough in Her name. Which, oh yes, for those blinding moments it proved!

While I had to console my heart over the fact that while I did not pick the winner horse, I choose Bluegrass Cat who was not chosen for the top ten by any of then better staticians on the Kentucky Derby website and was not favored to win in event the top ten. Steppenwolfer was favored for the top ten, though not consistently. No one else favored Barabaro to win except my mother, who loved the story behind his trainer. The trainer of the Brother was favored by the newscasters merely because he flipped his dirt bike and paralyzed himself. Terrible, but what is it real courage to need to pay the morgage?

Michael Matz, who trained the Barbaro, saved many people, including the three children seated beside himself on United flight 232, that terrible morning 17 years ago when it crashed into an Iowa cornfield during one of the legs of the Triple Crown. Those three children where there to see him win today, and I ask all the pagans and wiccans and witches who read this whenever they do, can anyone they know sing such praises for them?

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