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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Da Vinci Code Deception

Now I must be the last pagan on the green earth to read “The DaVinci Code.” The reading of which took three days, and I may accurately describe as the sensation of pouring sand onto your exposed brain. I am considering a frivolous lawsuit for unspecified damages against the Trinity Broadcasting Network who may take especial credit for selling yet another copy and a movie ticket. Way to go, TBN!!

Scrolling from SciFi to NGEO, my finger paused at the flicker of “Da Vinci Code” in the cable label while gaudy crosses danced across the screen above. Mmmmm…. “The Da Vinci Code Deception?” As good as Harry Potter hysteria-let’s see….

National hymns began to play, American soldiers walked across Iraqi sand, Christians at BBQs took time out to say the pledge, and Olive perched on her couch idly stirring her martini. Her second. Her third. These 20 minutes were completely necessary to impress on the check book and credit card-in-hand-to-donate crowd that the Da Vinci Code equaled a mortal threat to our troops! Everyone who saw the movie is a flag-burning traitor!

Old fat guy comes on to tirade that while Dan Brown claims his book is fiction, the first word of his book is actually “FACT.” Fact. Fact. And just in case you missed him, he had to say that again. Fact. And again. Fact. (In fact, that’s the first word of the preface which informs the reader that the places are real and the events that take place there are fiction.) Look out America- you almost fell for that fast one!

Like the parade of teenagers in lip-gloss that get trotted out on their pastel designer leashes to recite trembling telenovelas about how their faith was shaken by hearing their friends utter the title. Of course, they didn’t actually read the book. In fact, no one apparently reads the book. Copies of it just mysteriously appear in their book-bags and lockers and cubicles and briefcases, enthralling their minds through osmosis. But no one reads it, because it’s bad for you.

Like no one used the condom that’s missing out of its wrapper their parents found being used as a bookmark. E-yep. Whose ready for another martini?

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At 5:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I aggree with most of what you say. However, there are ideas put forth in the book that are close to reality. This is a higher group that weilds unlemented power and it controls what goes on. Think about it what is the g-8 what is the power triangle, who really has a vioce in the government the people or the almighty dollar??. fortunately embedded in our constitution is the power for us to change things. But, when you are programed not to question or look and just to accept it. What's there you will never see it. I am not sure if the holy grail is real or some religious fantasy but then again if you believe we are alone in the universe you mind isn't very open to the vastness of it. Tell what do you think true democracy is? Is it what was created in athens so long ago where everyone participated ? Or is the roman republic form that we have now, where power can be easily abused by the one or few onto the many? Here's a thought how about we go around and pull all the blinders off! I wonder what kind of world it would be then??

At 10:36 AM, Anonymous Andy said...

Never read it, never will. No interest. The Da Vinci Code is symptomatic of a society that feeds on media hype and, as with Erich Von Daniken's 'God is a spaceman' books, future generations will come to wonder how so many people could possibly have thought the emperor was wearing clothes when he was so clearly butt-naked... x

At 10:36 AM, Blogger olive said...

anony-will. The difficulty with the blinders of history is that they are probably unremovable. The evidence after 2,000 is more likely just gone, and we have now on record all that we are likely to believe. Dan Brown's point in the novel, although largely scorned by the conservative right, is that at this point it is just a matter of faith, and that faith occurs in the absense of evidence, and that there's nothing intrinsically wrong with that. The conservative right scorns this because it advances the Bible itself as sufficient proof. So I always found it interesting that technically, if you believe that the Bible is the literal inspired word of God and evidence of such, then you can't ever really have faith in God. As for the G-8, that's another matter (since there is evidence and it's not a matter of faith). Cheers!!

At 10:38 AM, Blogger olive said...

Hello Andy!! I agree with you, especially after forcing my way through the book. It's terrible. Characters will think something, and just in case you missed it, they will think it again in italics. It's like a 3rd grade reading level, barely. Anyway, I only read it because of that show, as an act of "rebellion." ha. Cheers!!


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