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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Crazy Moon Wicca

Now I want to talk a bit about the moon. Melanie Jayne Eleanor Grace Brook dropped me a line about my Witchvox article and asked, “How can the moon not return your love?” If you turn over many of the representations of nature in Wicca, I swear you’ll find a Hallmark seal of approval.

Once upon a time I actually got to run my hands over a moon rock down at Cape Canaveral in Florida, and it was much like touching hard ash. Yet when I go outside for my ritual circle tonight (glee! looks like the weather will hold!), my heart will leap with awe and wonder. Yet should I say this is love?

Simple to say that we immerse ourselves in nature because we honor the reflection of the divine through creation, just as when we turn our faces up to the moon, the reflection of the light of the sun falls on our skin. Our awe is not for a lesser form of the gods, only part of their immensity that we experience. The moon has a complicated relationship with the sun and with the earth, yet the power the moon exerts on our lives is not an emotion. The power of the moon infuses the chasing storm and the rising tide, and none of it gets delivered like maternal greeting cards into our email inbox.

How can it get there when the moon is a barren rock? Did the Goddess put the moon in the heavens millions of years ago so that tonight it could shine down on little special you?

If you are looking for the spiritual by the light of the moon, instead of imagining the moon like a button just out of reach over head, instead reach for the immensity of the distance between yourself and the moon. Push the moon and the horizon away to the limits of what you believe you can perceive, and seek to feel the expanse of the sky with the moon shinning down over the whole dark side of the earth. You may find some peace in this immensity, that even the dim light of the moon awashes over you and swallows your own existence. I find it easiest to remind myself then that I’m not likely to be able to cause the world to come to a horrible end, and it helps me get perspective on my own sorrows.

Still, you will not find love within the light of the moon. You will not be able to dance with the moon. If you want that, you have to open up your heart and your circle to other pagans, and ask them to share some of their love with you.

Have a wicked full moon! ;)

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