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Friday, April 28, 2006

Red Stone Altars

Now this is about one hidden Maryland gem, for anyone looking for a place for outdoor ritual circles. State Parks are great, but only open for camping on the weekend, and if you’re on the market for a campsite in the middle of the week, I’ve got one for you, and it’s a real witch’s delight. You do need to be over 21 and you will need plastic, but their phone number’s 410-923-2771. Curious about the title? All through the campsite portion of Capital KOA are these protruding natural red stone altars. Astounding enough that I cringe not having a digital camera to share them with all of you dear readers. I really need to progress out of the stone age.

As for amenities, for the morning to mid afternoon, there’s actually a swimming pool and an outdoor billiards table, and they sell firewood until 3 pm for $5 an armful. You can gather kindling and tinder at will, and the mosquitoes weren’t an issue. There’s also a playground, and cabins of various sizes, and a meadow and some nature trails. The camping portions a bit rooty, but the tree canopy’s nice and the underbrush has been cleared from the actual sites. They also left in some lovely holy and dogwoods, and they’ve got a lighted path to the public restrooms. Which are far from porter potties. Definite possibilities if you don’t have the hundreds to shell out for some of the larger and farther away pagan gatherings.

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