Circle of Joy and Sorrow

Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be. -Marcus Aurelius

Friday, April 14, 2006

Weed by the Moon

Now I believe that every coven should have some lore, so at least Joy and Sorrow won’t be lite on that account.

We planned to hold our first full moon ritual at the observatory at the local Airport, which is supposed to allow night time access. Alas, we got moved out by a cop as we were arriving who chased everyone with a spot light.

So Mystry and I ended up under the pines outside of my apartment complex which worked out swell. Even if the focaccia bread I baked only rose most of the way. (I feel compelled to confess it came premixed and all I did was add the water and set a kitchen timer.) For once I have baked something edible!

I wrote a weed ritual for this full moon. The purpose of its magic lay in that when we pour positive energies into our lives we often end up fertilizing things inadvertently that we don’t want, like chickweed in the lawn. So as some harvest or plant by the moon, we were weeding by the moon. While the usual route would be to burn away negativity using fire, there’s a fire ban in Maryland, so instead we drowned our weeds in a green bowl, after stating what we intended to do to continue weeding out this accidental problem in our lives.

Then we shared the focaccia and some white IPA beer from my favorite brewery which is DogFish Head. I was one very blissy Wiccan, which meant I did some rambling and gushing which is very unlike my usual serious self. We sat around enjoying the night and trading hilarious ritual stories, which I really enjoyed. Even the moon put in an occasional show from behind the clouds!

Hope everyone’s full moon proved wicked fun! Cheers!
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