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Everything that exists is in a manner the seed of that which will be. -Marcus Aurelius

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sabbat Aloha!

Now I should first explain why I love Pele. The divine mare may be my constant companion, but the volcano goddess can drink her under the table. Pele and I met at the Maryland version of Mardi Gras (Tiki!) when she got me plastered and tricked me into picking up a guy. Now I swear still I thought I was supposed to be inquiring about his necklace, but she made sure it went many other places.

Why Pele? Why do some gods still wander through the rough edges of our society, and others stare out only from art textbooks with lifeless eyes? What did the gods turn to when their temples were torn down and their people converted? The New York Crossword Puzzle? Perhaps these thousand odd years have served to cut away the deadwood, or burn away the brush, and like the firecone pine, the gods are shaking themselves free as seeds over the fertile and barren earth.

So this Beltane my circle met to honor this aspect along with the desire for a bit of romance. ‘Cause that’s never an underrated cause, right there. Pele, trolling along the beaches, flirting and snagging a dark haired emigrant named Kephera. Lady of the lava lamp, and the beetle to the rescue. Seriously, who do you think was behind that whole Egyptian fad that ran for several years, but the common golden bug you saw for sale at every turn?

For Pele, we built a mandala of Hawaiian sugar. For Kephera, we laid the sacrad wood on top. Alight, both the wood and the sugar char to the same carbon, and contain the same minerals that will bring fertility to lawn and garden. We pull a burning stick from the flames to honor their courage, and step over the danger that passion can be. In this Kephera teaches us of our strength to face danger to fulfill the desires of our hearts. We share bread and beer and fellowship. Spreading out the embers of our fire, we build again another mandala for Pele, this time of the sweet coconut, whose shell we have broken through to the sweetness inside.

We honor and ask for Aloha. And on and on we turn the Wheel.

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