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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

new year and one day

Now how far am I going to get trying not to explain what I've been doing with myself since... however long it's been. Sigh. mmmm... Due to the current economic situation for poverty level wage earners in the United States coupled with the rising cost of health care even for OJI's who are supposed to be having the federal government pay for the cost of fixing your funny-bone nerve, I have closed up shop in my apartment and boomeranged back to my ancestral home. Sigh. In plain English, I don't earn enough money to afford $800 in rent, especially if I'm not going to get paid while I might be out of work due to surgery from an injury at work last year, so I gave up independent living and am now blogging from my childhood home. In short, it's cheap to live with your mother. But a lousy way to start off your new year.

In truth though, I thought moving away and getting out of retail would bring all sorts of joys and riches, none of which seemed to materialize over the last year. No boyfriend, for instance. No sex. No feeling like I am getting somewhere saving the world. No closet full of pretty things to wear. Still haven't learned how to turn my hair up like the other girls in the street and I still have not tried sushi.

I ended last year in more debt that I started out with, due to interest rates on my student loans and being out of work for 108 days, most of which I earned nothing in worker's comp or injury pay. Savings wiped out. Very depressed over the modern state of paganism, for reasons that shall go in another post. Very annoyed over the general stupidity of the average American who does not know that cell phones are made of metal. If you're getting down just reading this, I'm getting down just writing this, which is not what I really intended for a new years resolution.

My last three new years resolutions were: start running as a way of life, eat sushi, stop having to pay those check-cover fees because I'm too lazy to balance my checkbook. Nope, nada, and cha-ching!! So I've decided that instead of being healthy, cosmopolitan or responsible, that my new years resolution this year will focus on being horribly shallow and trendy and vile. I will focus my goals this year on becoming the kind of girl who boys want to date. For I assure you, that given the grand total of numbers given to me or ask of me last year stands at 2. So, if I get 3, then at least I can tell myself in a year that I've somehow become more dateable?? lol.


At 10:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can commiserate with you. I'm living with friends right now after getting out of a bad relationship just before the holidays. I have to find a new job, a new place to live and acquire pretty much everything needed to furnish a home again (I left most everything with my former ex) this year. I am very hopeful that this new year will be better than the last one, though. All we can do is hope, right?

At 10:02 AM, Anonymous hardcouch said...

Well...this just sums up a lot. You rant about the general state of the world and your life, and what do you get? One genuinely sweet and empathizing response, and a whole lotta spam. Pretty typical.
Hope things are going well at the homestead. Next time we go out....sushi.... because being like the vapid snobs you see on the street is highly overrated.


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